cf4ocl (C Framework for OpenCL)  v2.1.0
Object-oriented framework for developing and benchmarking OpenCL projects in C/C++
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Cccl_bufferBuffer wrapper class
 Cccl_contextThe context wrapper class
 Cccl_dev_containerBase class for wrappers which contain devices, i.e., CCLPlatform, CCLProgram and CCLContext
 Cccl_deviceDevice wrapper class
 Cccl_devquery_mapMaps a string to a cl_device_info bitfield
 Cccl_devsel_filterDevice filter class, includes a filter function (independent or dependent) and the respective filter data
 Cccl_eventEvent wrapper class
 Cccl_imageImage wrapper class
 Cccl_image_descDescribes the type and dimensions of the image or image array independently of the OpenCL version
 Cccl_kernelKernel wrapper class
 Cccl_memobjBase class for memory object wrappers, i.e., CCLBuffer and CCLImage
 Cccl_platformThe platform wrapper class
 Cccl_platformsClass which represents the OpenCL platforms available in the system
 Cccl_profProfile class, contains profiling information of OpenCL queues and events
 Cccl_prof_aggAggregate event info
 Cccl_prof_export_optionsExport options
 Cccl_prof_infoEvent profiling info
 Cccl_prof_instEvent instant
 Cccl_prof_overlapRepresentation of an overlap of events
 Cccl_programProgram wrapper class
 Cccl_program_binaryClass which represents a binary object associated with a program and a device
 Cccl_queueCommand queue wrapper class
 Cccl_samplerSampler wrapper class
 Cccl_wrapperBase class for all OpenCL wrappers
 Cccl_wrapper_infoClass which represents information about a wrapped OpenCL object
 Cccl_wrapper_info_tableInformation about wrapped OpenCL objects